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Throwing The Perfect Party On A Budget

Throwing The Perfect Party On A Budget

Planning a party can get pricey. There are so many details and items to obtain that perfect aesthetic and feel that you can often feel overwhelmed not only by the many tasks requiring your attention but the costs associated with their perfect execution. Whether it is a holiday party, birthday party, or other special event, there are great ways to save some money on your party and still get the result that you want. Unsure of where to begin, the following explains just a few ideas to keep your party and its budget on track.

Buy Neutral

There are many stores that sell party supplies but these supplies can become extremely expensive. The more specific the item and the fancier the design, the more expensive they can be. Instead of purchasing items that are unique to your event or the event’s season, consider buying plain supplies that can serve longer purposes. For example, choose a white napkin or other neutral color instead of the spring floral pattern that you may want. These are often less expensive and can be used at several different events that you have throughout the year. Further, you can save even more by buying these items in bulk and using other decorative items to spruce up the table and décor, for less money. There are also quite a few Do-It-Yourself options out there, see here.


One of the most expensive items when it comes to planning any type of party is the invitations. These are a crucial and necessary item to any event. After all, with no guests what is a party? Instead of spending on the fancy and embossed options for your party, consider the more efficient e-invitations. These electronic invites are sent directly to your guests email boxes instead of their actual mailbox. The result is less spent on design, printing, and postage and still the accessibility that you desire. The easiest option of course is to create a facebook event and invite all your friends there!


Planning a party on a budget can seem like an insurmountable task. There is so much to do and so little time to do it that saving money seems like an impossible consideration to include. When planning at the last minute, this is often the case. You often will have to take the prices offered rather than being able to compare and get the best price on your party items. The earlier you plan, however, the more likely you are to save money. You will not be rushed into pricier options simply because that is all that is available. Instead, you will have the ability to look for the best deals and even haggle on prices a bit. You will also be able to clip the coupons and find the discounts that you need in order to lower costs.


Entertainment doesn’t need to be an expensive live-band, a comedian or a fancy DJ. Go back to the old days and play party games! You could for example choose the theme of a casino, like Microgaming casinos, offering poker, roulette, baccarat and more, or take everyone back to their childhood by playing games like musical chairs, pass the parcel, potato sack relay, egg and spoon race or hot potato!