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Movie fan takes a stand

Movie fan takes a stand

Going to the cinema has been a popular past time for decades. In recent years, however, there has been a growing, silent grievance among movie goers over the rapidly increasing prices of snacks in the cinema. While movie aficionados understand a cinema’s desire to ensure that you buy snacks onsite, rather than take in your own, it seems that cinemas are increasingly using this power as a means of artificially inflating prices, astronomically.

In March 2013, however, one movie fan decided to take a stand.

supermarket_cartoonThis month, security technician, Joshua Thompson, filed a class action law suit in the Wayne County Circuit Court against his local AMC theatre in Livonia, Detroit, in the hope of creating momentum that would eventually force a decrease in snack prices throughout the United States, as well as seeing movie fans being refunded for some of their overpriced purchases. Thompson claims that he paid $8 for a Coca Cola and a packet of chocolate-covered peanuts, almost three times the price he would expect to pay in his local store. This kind of price inflation is increasingly becoming normal in cinemas throughout the United States and, with them clamping down on movie goers being allowed to take in their own snacks, film fans are forced into paying these exorbitant prices.

The case is still being considered by the courts and while it seems unlikely that Thompson will get the ruling that he desires, it seems that this case could be a landmark in the stand against overinflated cinema snack prices and could at least give cinemas some food for thought regarding their pricing structure. In the end people will rather stay at home to play at an online casino instead of wasting their money in a cinema. If you have nothing else to do tonight, why not head to Luxury Casino and have a go at the casino?